Stratsys and Factlines in a new partnership for easier and more efficient sustainability reporting

Stratsys and Factlines are initiating a partnership to create an even better offering within sustainability reporting. With Factlines' products for EU taxonomy, supplier and supply chain management according to the Norwegian Transparency Act and CSDDD requirements, and Stratsys' comprehensive sustainability management system, we offer a complete solution that further streamlines organisations' work.
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More value in sustainability work with one common platform

The Norwegian SaaS company Factlines delivers products that facilitate the work with the EU taxonomy, the Norwegian Transparency Act, and CSDDD. Stratsys offers a solution for sustainability management that supports organisations in processes around CSRD/ESRS. With a common platform for working in a result-oriented manner, both Factlines and Stratsys can now create even greater value for their customers in their sustainability work.

Complete solution with an extensive range of services

Factlines' expertise, in combination with Stratsys' product, enables customers to access a complete solution for CSRD reporting – from supplier mapping to risk assessment and action management that advances sustainability work. The partnership contributes to meeting a crucial need around monitoring suppliers and supply chains, fully in line with the Transparency Act and CSDDD. Reporting on the EU taxonomy is complex without consultant support; with Factlines' product, it's possible.

We look forward to being able to offer a complete solution within sustainability reporting with entirely new products going forward. With Factlines as a partner, we significantly strengthen our offering related to the EU taxonomy and supplier monitoring, something many customers highly value. Together, we simplify the practical work while creating further strategic advantages for our customers' businesses," says Cecilia Almér, sustainability expert at Stratsys.
Cecilia Almér, sustainability expert at Stratsys

Improved sustainability reporting across borders

Factlines' established presence in the Norwegian market combined with Stratsys' strategic position in Sweden creates a unique opportunity for both companies to expand their customer base and offer a more comprehensive service portfolio. The new partnership marks the beginning of a new and improved approach to sustainability reporting across the Nordic borders.

Too many use Excel sheets and email in their sustainability work. If you want to meet the sustainability requirements that are now regulated by law in a commercially efficient way, you have to use software. We look forward to offering new and existing customers a broader range of services through the partnership with Stratsys", says Siri Engesaeth, sustainability chief at Factlines.
Siri Engesaeth, sustainability chief at Factlines

Would you like to know more about the new partnership and how Stratsys and Factlines' solutions can streamline organizations' work with sustainability reporting?


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March 2024