Streamlining CSRD, supply chain management and EU Taxonomy compliance

One solution to simplify compliance, making it seamless to integrate the demands of transparency in your supply chains, CSRD and EU Taxonomy into your business strategy.

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Transform sustainability reporting into an efficient and automated workflow

Combine the strengths of Factlines and Stratsys, two leading players in sustainability reporting to automate manual processes. Save time and consolidate all data into one system.

Factlines provides software for efficient supply chain monitoring and reporting according to EU Taxonomy, while Stratsys offers comprehensive software to manage all aspects of CSRD and ESRS.

Together, we offer an integrated solution that ensures:
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A complete solution
From data collection and analysis to reporting and verification, we cover your sustainability reporting needs.
Seamless integration
Our software platforms work seamlessly together to offer you an efficient and user-friendly experience.
In-depth expertise
Gain access to experienced advisors from both companies to ensure your reporting meets the latest requirements and best practices.

A complete solution for working with CSRD/ESRS

Work on everything from double materiality analysis to reporting in a systematic and efficient manner.

•  Conduct double materiality analysis
•  Clarify strategy and key performance indicators
•  Visualise and analyse
•  Follow up and compile report
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Why choose CSRD software through Factlines and Stratsys

Ensure consistency throughout your sustainability strategy
Collaborate and allocate responsibility for objectives, key performance indicators & actions
Risk management-support for analysis & action plans
Monitor and compile reports
Conduct double materiality analysis
Visualise your progress in dashboards
ESRS disclosure requirements (GAP analysis)
Scalable tool - Tailor it to your needs, today and tomorrow
GHG Protocol - climate calculations
Easy integration with other systems to gather and streamline your work
Flexible configuration of multiple frameworks & standards (GRI, Global Goals, etc.)

Better together: a digital solution and ESG experts to backup your CSRD compliance

For CSRD reporting and data collection, many companies rely on their own resources, but this often requires custom systems and a lot of manual effort.
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Some businesses enhance their capabilities with external consultants for various reasons, including capacity and strategic planning, like developing sustainability strategies.
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Others might choose to use ESG software and solutions, handle strategic tasks in-house, or use a mix of internal resources, software, and consultants.
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At Factlines, we support all approaches, focusing on the benefits of digitalising data collection, analysis, reporting, and ensuring data quality and traceability.

Through our collaboration with Stratsys on CSRD reporting, we offer our customers a unified solution that simplifies and streamlines sustainability reporting. This partnership highlights our joint commitment to innovate and support our clients in meeting the requirements of key sustainability matters covering all ESG aspects of the supply chain, the EU Taxonomy, carbon and GHG reporting, and the CSRD.

Henrik Halvorsen, CEO at Factlines
Henrik Halvorsen
CEO at Factlines

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