Showcase your commitment with the Verified by Factlines badge

Demonstrate your dedication to ethical practices and earn the Verified by Factlines badge, aligning with the Norwegian Transparency Act.

Use our Sustainable Supplier Network software to seamlessly enhance transparency and set your business apart as a leader in corporate responsibility.

Verified by Factlines badge

A recognition of responsible businesses

The Verified by Factlines badge is a testament to a company's active engagement in ensuring fundamental human rights and decent working conditions across its operations and supply chain. It shows adherence to the Norwegian Transparency Act and a broader commitment to ethical business practices. Granted exclusively to engaged users of Factlines' software, this verified badge sets your company apart as a sustainable and responsible business leader.

While the badge represents a significant step towards compliance, more is needed. Companies must also publish a detailed due diligence statement by June 30 each year, outlining identified risks in their supply chains and mitigation measures.
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70% of our customers received the badge in 2023
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How to receive the Factlines badge

Engage with Factlines: Use our Sustainable Supplier Network software to map your supply chain and assess risks in alignment with the Norwegian Transparency Act.
Complete the guide: Finish the Norwegian Transparency Act Guide within our software to ensure your business meets the criteria.
Request the badge: After completion, formally request the badge through our platform, and we'll provide you with a setup link to proudly display your commitment.
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A tailored software to support compliance:
Sustainable Supplier Network

reduction in time spent on supplier follow-ups
increase in the response rate for due diligence assessments
Suppliers are automatically divided into risk groups
Automatically generated follow-ups
Share information with over 16.000 companies
Free access for suppliers
Pre-qualify potential suppliers

Frequently asked questions
about the Verified by Factlines badge

Does the badge guarantee compliance with the Norwegian Transparency Act?
What is Factlines' expertise in verifying company supply chains?
Is there an additional fee required to receive the badge, or is it available for individual purchase?

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