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Why you should consider partnering with Factlines

Factlines stands at the forefront of ESG technology in the Nordics and Europe, offering specialized software for sustainability reporting that aligns with the Norwegian Transparency Act, CSDDD, and EU taxonomy. Our goal is simple: make sustainability reporting straightforward and meaningful for businesses everywhere.

We're looking for partners who view sustainability as strategically important as we do. Together, we will create real value for your business and customers and promote positive impact.

Whether you're in the business of selling, consulting, or integrating data, we have a partnership path that can drive revenue and sustainability forward.

Navigate our partnership models

Reseller and Referral

This partnership is tailored for organisations eager to either recommend or actively distribute our sustainability solutions, guaranteeing that clients have access to the essential tools for achieving their strategic objectives.

Ideal for:
● Companies that want to expand their offering for their existing customers
● Businesses that want to add to their revenue by offering our solutions directly to their market
● Trusted advisors who want to recommend great software to their clients/networks
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Comprehensive access to marketing materials
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Target training and access to our resources
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Attractive compensation model
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Brand association through partner status

Consultancy and Implementation

Designed for consultancy organisations focused on delivering high-quality advisory and implementation services for the ESG space (ie EU Taxonomy). This partnership leverages our platform to help clients comply with regulations and optimize their operations.

Perfect for:
● Consultants offering in-depth guidance to navigate complex sustainability challenges and want to expand their offering by working with world-class software
● Professionals involved in ensuring the successful deployment and operation of software to their clients
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Customised training and access to our resources
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Customised support and assistance
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Opportunities for collaboration on special projects

Data and Integration

For ESG tech companies and data service providers looking to enrich our platform with their data.

Suitable for:
● Companies that collect ESG/sustainability information and want to promote their data in our solution
● Software companies that want to cooperate in sharing data
● Organisations involved in data-centric projects or needing advanced integration with our solutions to deliver comprehensive client solutions
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Access to our technical guides and documentations
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Opportunities for co-creation on data solutions and integrations
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Reward based on successful integrations and value added to clients

Join us in a mutually beneficial partnership

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