Software to support sustainable value creation, supply chain follow-up and EU taxonomy for the energy industry

The Factlines software simplifies data transparency and strategic sustainability performance for energy industry, crucial  to comply to the Norwegian Transparency Act and to perform EU Taxonomy calculations.

In November COP29 will convene in Baku with the aim to enhance action and implementation over this critical decade and keep the Paris agreement goal of 1.5°C within reach.We know for certain that both existing and new industry need to work is efficient and strategic ways to make the changes and the production as sustainable as required by both national and regional regulations.
Factlines ensures that we achieve the most efficient reporting possible. It is easy to input the required data into the software solution, and all necessary data are centralised on one platform, ensuring that all key stakeholders have access to the same information.
Portrait of Lars Peder Fensli, Arendals Fossekompani CFO
Lars Peder Fensli
Battery production
Battery production faces complex challenges, including stringent regulatory compliance, supply chain transparency, and sustainability requirements. Factlines software simplifies EU taxonomy reporting and ensures comprehensive supply chain management, reducing due diligence time by up to 95%. Guided workflows, centralised data, and audit-ready reports, addressing the critical needs of battery manufacturers.
150.000 employed
150.000 estimated to be employed in battery production in 2030 in  Europe
NOK 40 mrd
There are 5 battery production initiatives in Norway. The estimated export value from one of them is NOK 40 mrdBurheim, Gregerson, NTNU
200 TWh
Potential volume of battery cell production in Norway estimated to 200GWh.
Carbon Capture and Storage
CCS projects encounter significant hurdles in regulatory compliance, data transparency, and sustainability performance. Factlines software streamlines EU taxonomy reporting and ensures seamless supply chain management, cutting compliance effort by up to 95%. Guided workflows, centralized data access, and audit-ready reports address the critical needs of CCS projects.
Carbon removals, from the atmosphere through land based and industrial carbon removals) in EU should reach up to 400MtCO2-eq by 2040.

European Scientific Advisory Board of Climate Change, Feb.6, 2024.
CSS pivotal
CCS is considered a pivotal mitigation technology to realise emissions reductions in Norway. Norway's Climate Change Act sets a 50%-55% greenhouse gas emission reduction target by 2030 and a goal to become a low-emission society by 2050.

Carbon Gap limited  
Global warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels set as the limit.

Paris Agreement, 2015
Hydro power
Hydro power companies face challenges in regulatory adherence, supply chain oversight, and sustainability metrics. Factlines software simplifies EU taxonomy compliance and improves supply chain transparency, reducing due diligence efforts by up to 95%. Guided workflows, centralised data management, and audit-ready reports address the critical needs of hydro power operators.
Driven by sun
Fueled by the water cycle, driven by the sun, Hydropower is a renewable source of energy.
9% of global emissions
9% of global Co2-emissions are avoided per year because of Hydroelectric power production, about 3GT CO2-eq.IEA, COP27.  
23 TWh
NVE estimates that the realistic potential for new hydropower in Norway is 22.7 TWh, equivalent to 17 percent of last year's Norwegian power consumption.Of this, 15.1 TWh is from new hydropower plants, while 7.6 TWh can be obtained from upgrades and expansions.

NVE Fact No.6/2020
Wind power
Wind power companies must navigate complex regulatory landscapes, ensure supply chain transparency, and meet sustainability goals. Factlines software streamlines EU taxonomy compliance and enhances supply chain management, reducing due diligence time by up to 95%. Guided workflows, centralised data access, and audit-ready reporting address the critical needs of wind power companies.
950 GW
Global installed wind power on shore capacity as of 2024.
Annual growth rate of the wind power industry.
European countries' share of global wind power capacity, driven by strong renewable energy initiatives.

Simplify the reporting process according to the EU taxonomy

Classify and calculate your company's activities according to the complex legislation.

From day one, minimise your reliance on complex spreadsheets and emails.

Ensure your report is audit-ready and fully compliant with all requirements.

Simplify your processes with guided steps and collaborative workflows.
Factlines EU Taxonomy Reporting dashboard
Serious senior man in suit conversing with young man using tablet.
Streamline alignment
Effortless collaboration
Reduce operational costs

Arendals Fossekompani's EU Taxonomy reporting process with Factlines

In this video, we speak with Ingunn Ettestøl, Chief Sustainability Officer at Arendals Fossekompani, about their main ESG challenges, focusing specifically on EU Taxonomy reporting.

Factlines Sustainable Supplier Network

The energy related industry can save up to 95% of the time they spend on due diligence assessments!

Use this software to easily map your suppliers and conduct due diligence assessments required by regulations such as the Norwegian Transparency Act and CSDDD.

You can also add custom questions to qualify your suppliers.
Suppliers are automatically divided into risk groups
Automatically generated follow-ups
Share information with the Factlines network
Teamwork, electrical engineer and inspection in power station with tablet for electricity transmission and tower check. Engineering, back and collaboration for energy distribution or mockup in field

Using software to pre-qualify potential suppliers

Professional Asian male and female industrial engineers operating machine keypad in manufacturing factory. Working in manufacturing plant or production plant concept.
Pursuing ethical and sustainable business models highlights the importance of supplier pre- qualification. By using Factlines, companies can access comprehensive sustainability information about potential suppliers before starting any business dealings.

This proactive approach not only facilitates informed decision-making but also promotes a supply chain that is aligned with the principles of responsible and sustainable business practices.

Note, also, that our tools are not meant for static qualification or disqualification, but for gathering and analysing information right from the source and then follow-up elements that needs to be remediated.

Simplify your ESG compliance and interact with suppliers using our software

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ESG case study

As part of its sustainability work, Bergen municipality has asked for a survey of the supply chain for the batteries for some of the batteries in their electric car fleet. The electric cars are leased through an ongoing leasing agreement with DNB Autolease. The ILO's core conventions are included in the contract.

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