About Factlines.

Sustainability in supply chains since 2012

At Factlines, we stand at the forefront of tech innovation in Norway, building bridges between businesses, suppliers, and customers to ensure sustainability runs through every link in the value chain. Join a network where responsibility meets innovation.

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Our journey

Factlines was founded in 2012 with the aim of helping companies implement sustainability through digital solutions.

Our first software was created to track supply chains for South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority in accordance with UN and OECD guidelines.

Since then, we've learned a lot and expanded the solution to offer more effective ESG insights and sustainability reporting in supply chains.
Factlines employees

In 2022, Alytic, a portfolio company of Arendals Fossekompani, became an owner, and we are now part of a family of companies dedicated to helping the world move in a better direction.

Our growth has allowed us to offer more and better digital solutions for gathering insights about the company's sustainability efforts.

We facilitate the transition to a sustainable world by promoting responsible supply chains and making it easier to comply with laws, regulations and rules.

Siri Engesæth, Factlines CEO; and Espen Zachariassen, Alytic CEO
We facilitate the transition
to a more sustainable world

Management team

Henrik Halvorsen, Factlines CEO
Henrik Halvorsen
Chief Executive Officer
Siri Engesæth, Factlines CEO
Siri Engesæth
Chief Sustainability
& Communications Officer
Bjarne Brekke Hanssen, Factlines CCO
Bjarne Brekke Hanssen
Chief Commercial Officer
Christine Raybo Hatledal, Factlines CPO
Christine Raybo Hatledal
Chief Product Officer
Elizabeth Strand, Factlines CDO
Elizabeth Strand
Chief Design Officer
Erik Vesteraas, Factlines CTO
Erik Vesteraas
Chief Technology Officer
Ane Schøning, Factlines CFO
Ane Schøning
Chief Financial Officer
Hanne Nyborg Watts, Factlines board member
Hanne Nyborg Watts
Espen Zachariassen,  Factlines board member
Espen Zachariassen
Eivind Klevmoen Døvik,  Factlines board member
Eivind Klevmoen Døvik
Erling Theodor Jakobsen,  Factlines board member
Erling Theodor Jakobsen
Rita Grandlund,  Factlines board member
Rita Granlund
Bjørn Anskau,  Factlines board member
Bjørn Anskau

Our culture: a blend of innovation and sustainability

Our culture and solutions are designed to drive businesses towards a sustainable future, and these values guide our approach