2024: Statement according to the Norwegian Transparency Act

Factlines is a Norwegian tech company. Since 2012, we have been connecting businesses to their suppliers and customers in one network through our software. Our goal is to simplify the process of gathering information and to foster more sustainable relationships throughout the value chain.

Our work is centered around promoting sustainability. We achieve this through the software we develop and deliver in the areas of environmental, social sustainability, and governance (ESG).
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Siri Engesaeth, Chief Sustainability at Factlines
Siri Engesaeth
Chief Sustainability
+47 901 14675
Contact Siri if you have a question about Factlines' handling of the Norwegian Transparency Act.

Factlines undertook our first supplier follow-up in 2015 through our own software, Factlines Complier, now known as Factlines Sustainable Supplier Network

The software was developed in collaboration with Helse Sør-Øst, Vingmed, Puls, and Sverre W. Monsen from 2013 to 2015. The main focus of the software was to facilitate the OECD's due diligence guideline for responsible business assessment process. During the initial supplier follow-up, we assessed ethical and social rights, environmental impact systems, anti-corruption measures, and the companies' sustainability management systems and governance.

Factlines production includes software (IT equipment and data storage), consulting hours, and normal office operations. We have conducted supplier mapping approximately every 3 years since 2015.

Identified risk and insight supplier network

Throughout this period, Factlines' most crucial suppliers have also been its customers. Consequently, they have conducted their own due diligence assessments within their supply chain and shared their aggregated risk reports with us.

The due diligence assessments that have been conducted cover the requirements for routine as outlined in LOA§5 and in the Transparency Act. They also encompass, at a minimum, the processes outlined by the OECD and the UN Global Compact.

The due diligence assessments are based on the suppliers' explicit responses and the accompanying documentation. In cases where discrepancies or incomplete information were found, our software was used to obtain documentation, gain further insight into the supply chain, and receive additional responses.

In the 2024 survey, it was revealed that the response rate was lower compared to the previous survey. We believe this is due to a number of new suppliers who have not been followed up before.No serious conditions were found. However, we are highly aware of high risks related to electronics, data storage, and various input factors. We know that the owner of our office facilities and the operating data storage company are taking steps to address potential issues.
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Introduction to Factlines Sustainable Supplier Network;
the software we use to ensure compliance with the Transparency Act

reduction in time spent on supplier follow-ups
increase in the response rate for due diligence assessments
A platform for easily mapping suppliers and business relationships by conducting necessary due diligence assessments, as required by regulations such as the Transparency Act and CSDDD.

- Suppliers are automatically divided into risk groups
- Follow-up measures are automatically created
- Provides access to a potential network of over 16,000 businesses
- Free access for suppliers
- Can be used to prequalify suppliers

Download a free template for due diligence reporting

By June 30th, businesses must publish a board-approved due diligence report in Norwegian on their website. This report should cover organisational structure, social and human rights guidelines, identified negative impacts and measures initiated to deal with them.

Easily document your organisation's findings and measures under the Norwegian Transparency Act. Fill out the form to download our free template.
Download a free template for due diligence reporting