Sustainable Supplier Network

Identify risks and get insights from your supply chain network

A platform to easily map your suppliers and conduct due diligence assessments required by regulations as the Norwegian Transparency Act and CSDDD.

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and emails with your suppliers

reduction in time spent on supplier follow-ups
increase in the response rate for due diligence assessments

Benefits for your company and your suppliers

Gain insights from your supply chain network
Save time and prioritize critical suppliers
Enhance collaboration across your team and suppliers
Ensure future-proof compliance
Free access
Effortlessly reuse assessment answers
Enhance insights in a collaborative network
Know your sustainability score

Sustainability in the beverage industry supply chain

Check the Hansa Borg & Solera case and how Factlines is helping them to comply with the Norwegian Transparency Act and promote positive impact in the beverages supply chain.

Show your commitment to decent working conditions

The Verified by Factlines badge is a testament to a company's active engagement in ensuring fundamental human rights and decent working conditions across its operations and supply chain.

Granted exclusively to engaged users of Factlines' software, it shows adherence to the Norwegian Transparency Act and a broader commitment to ethical business practices.

Experience a better way to manage your sustainability data alongside 16.000+ companies

We must ensure that all our suppliers and subcontractors are engaged and committed to the same ethical and safe business practices throughout our global operations. Factlines is our partner in achieving this and provides a world-class assessment tool.
Stig Clementsen
Executive Advisor Sustainability
Quotation mark
It should be safe to shop at Norengros! Factlines highlights our work with quality assurance and social responsibility in the supply chain. This underlines our position as a serious player in our market.
Håkon Skjellevik-HegerDirector of Operations and Sustainability
Factlines makes supplier monitoring and analysis more efficient. It supports collaboration with our suppliers in the continuous process of implementing improvements in the supply chain. Suppliers benefit from the ability to re-use reported information.
Morten Karlsen
Purchasing Director

Frequently asked questions
by the IT and Finance departments

Are we confident that we meet the requirements of the Norwegian Transparency Act if we use Factlines?
Do we require a consultancy agency's assistance alongside the software?
Is everything we need included in the price, or will there be additional expenses?
How will using Factlines help my EBITDA?
Is my data secure with Factlines?

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