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The Factlines software simplifies data transparency and strategic sustainability performance for the maritime industry, in relation to the Norwegian Transparency Act and the EU Taxonomy. The solution also gives you the opportunity to work efficiently with your supplier on other matters like HSEQ and quality assurance.

Maritime industries like, shipping, offshore, energy and fisheries are all key value creators in today’s global economy. Approximately 90% of world goods are transported by sea, and huge investments are to come in renewable energy and food production. At the same time its increasingly required to comply with evolving ESG standard and regulations that require data transparency and audit-ready reports, such as Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards like CSRD.

Factlines helps maritime companies ensure accurate, transparent data in their sustainability reporting, enabling you to build quality data to rely on in improving your sustainability work.
We must ensure that all our suppliers and subcontractors are engaged and committed to the same ethical and safe business practices throughout our global operations. Factlines is our partner in achieving this and provides a world-class assessment tool.
Stig Clementsen, executive Advisor Sustainability at DOF
Stig Clementsen
Executive Advisor Sustainability
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has agreed that international shipping must reduce its total annual emissions by at least 50% of 2008 levels by 2050.
185$ B
Approximately 50% of the industry's loan portfolio, equivalent to 185 billion dollars, is covered by the leading shipping banks of the world under the Poseidon Principles' 28 initiative, which aims to differentiate credit terms based on emission factors.
Approximately 80% of all trade between continents is transported via sea.

Factlines Sustainable Supplier Network

The maritime industry can save up to 95% of the time they spend on due diligence assessments

A platform to easily map your suppliers and conduct due diligence assessments required by regulations as the Norwegian Transparency Act. You can also add custom questions to qualify your suppliers.

Simplify the reporting process according to the EU taxonomy

Classify and calculate your company's activities according to the EU taxonomy

From day one, minimise your reliance on complex spreadsheets and emails. Ensure your report is audit-ready and fully compliant with all requirements. Simplify your processes with guided steps and collaborative workflows.
Factlines EU Taxonomy Reporting dashboard
Offshore support
Offshore shipping, crucial for the oil and gas sectors, involves specialised vessels and operations. Factlines can support this industry by providing solutions to enhance  compliance by improving the sustainability of supply chains, or report on the EU taxonomy.
Sustainable global trade
Traditional shipping is the engine of global commerce, moving vast amounts of goods. Factlines introduces a pathway to sustainability, focusing on ethical practices, reducing carbon footprints, and aiding the global trade network to operate within the bounds of environmental stewardship.
Fishing with conscience
The fisheries industry, vital for food supply, faces challenges like overfishing and habitat destruction. Factlines promotes responsible fishing practices, offering tools for traceability from catch to consumer, ensuring the industry thrives sustainably for generations to come.

Using software to pre-qualify potential suppliers

Workers from the shipping industry walking in a warehouse
Pursuing ethical and sustainable business models highlights the importance of supplier pre- qualification. By using Factlines, companies can access comprehensive sustainability information about potential suppliers before starting any business dealings.

This proactive approach not only facilitates informed decision-making but also promotes a supply chain that is aligned with the principles of responsible and sustainable business practices.

Note also that our tools are not meant for static qualification or disqualification, but for gathering and analyzing information right from the source and then follow-up elements that needs to be remediated.

Simplify your ESG compliance

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