How Hansa Borg & Solera comply with The Norwegian Transparency Act with Factlines

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Hansa Borg & Solera Norway holds a leading position in the Norwegian beverage market and has been among the sector's most innovative players in recent years.

Industry: Food & Beverage
HQ locations: Bergen and Oslo (Norway)
Size: >300 employees


  • Hansa Borg & Solera holds a leading position in Norway's beverage market. The Norwegian Transparency Act emphasises the importance of supply chain management, a time-consuming and resource-intensive process that requires a methodical approach to due diligence assessments and a commitment to maintaining good working conditions.
  • Solera has adhered to strict requirements for years and has taken extensive responsibility under its wholesale agreement with Vinmonopolet. This agreement requires all wine producers and subcontractors to understand and follow Vinmonopolet's Code of Conduct. The Norwegian Transparency Act introduced additional challenges, requiring follow-up with all suppliers to comply with the law.
  • Hansa Borg has maintained effective routines within its procurement team for years. To meet the requirements of the Transparency Act, it became necessary to implement a system for coordinating follow-up activities with purchasing units and other stakeholders.


  • Throughout 2022 and 2023, Hansa Borg & Solera used Factlines’ software to collect information from suppliers through self-assessment surveys. The software quickly became central to their follow-up strategy.
  • The surveys addressed several requirements, including the UN's Global Compact, insights from Tier 2 sub-suppliers, and practices for monitoring ethical compliance across production countries. They also gathered information on health, safety, environmental standards, quality systems, conflict minerals, human rights, diversity and EU transport regulations.
  • In some cases, Factlines solved the challenges of assigning the appropriate contacts to address discrepancies and gathering necessary documentation for risk assessment. The software enables all suppliers to submit detailed information and documents at no cost, accessible via a secure system.
"Factlines software is free for our suppliers to submit their answers and provide further documentation or details about their business. It's a secure and practical solution for both Hansa Borg & Solera and our suppliers to collaborate."
Stina Kildedal-Johannessen, Head of Communications and Sustainability


Survey score out of 80% of the Hansa Borg financial purchasing volume.
Survey score out of 60% of the Solera' wine volume distributed through Vinmonopolet.
  • Risk assessments at Hansa Borg are based on purchase volume and product groups, focusing on food and delivery safety.
  • Solera Norge evaluates risks with its 25 largest wine producers, who account for 60% of its sales to Vinmonopolet.

Full coverage of potential risks

  • The due diligence assessment scores provided an average risk profile for each supplier in the geographic locations of Tier 2 sub-suppliers. Each supplier reports up to five countries of origin for their products delivered to Hansa Borg & Solera.
  • These assessments also considered international indices on labour rights, corruption, and general supply chain risks from sources like the International Trade Union Confederation, Transparency International, and CSR Risk Check (MVO Netherlands).
"The collected answers provided a basis for analysis of whether good practice has been established to comply with the business own contractual provisions, The Norwegian Transparency Act, and other provisions."
Lars Erik Berg, Director of Compliance and HR Services

Promoting positive impact in the supply chain

  • In a specific case, a supplier who failed to meet requirements was considered too risky, and the relationship was terminated due to their inability to show improvement.
  • Since implementing these processes, suppliers have recognised a heightened focus on strategic compliance areas demanded by Hansa Borg & Solera. This has encouraged improvements and greater transparency across the supply chain.
"We have some examples where suppliers have not had systems for quality, environment and risk follow-up. These have given us feedback that the work is now underway, and we believe one of the reasons for this is the questions we (and other customers) have sent them."
Lars Erik Berg, Director of Compliance and HR Services
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