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The Covid-19 outbreak has turned the world upside down, and while many companies are focusing on staying afloat, the long-term consequences are already becoming apparent.

Global production is suffering. The crisis has severed global supply chains as business in both sourcing and production countries have cut down or stopped production entirely. Many companies face serious difficulties ensuring incoming orders in a timely manner, both in a short term and while looking further ahead.

”The supply chains have collapsed. Even if some factories or areas are open, it is almost impossible to source components and materials from other countries and areas. Our suppliers are sad and financially stressed. Their revenue have abruptly come to a halt, and they are experiencing cancellations on future orders. They would much prefer to go to work but are forced to close down just like lots of other parts of the world.“ Says Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist, head of CSR at Sourcing House and Factlines user.

A Factlines solution
As many companies, as well as government bodies, NGOs and many more, Factlines is dealing with these trying times, as well as looking into ways to help out and find solutions. Doing what we do best, we looked into how our software solution could be part of the solution to the many challenges that the Covid-19 outbreak has created.

Our SW-architect has now developed a new option that enables users to track the severity and extent of the virus outbreak in relation to the users supply chain. The feature makes it possible identify countries that supplier’s source from, and to taking action towards minimizing risk of involuntarily being a part of spreading the virus through the user supply chain, and ensuring the health and safety of the workers in the production.

The tracking is based on data from the World Health Organization, and provides an easily discernable visual overview of the supply chain network and how it ties in to areas with high levels of infection. There are multiple options for search and sorting of the data, making it easier to find and get and overview of the relevant information.

A step in the right direction
“We hope that this step can be a small part in containing the outbreak. We know that many of our customers have been hit and are struggling to get through the crisis as best as possible. Hopefully this will be a small step and an aid in that direction.”, Says Siri Engesæth, CEO of Factlines.

The option is now online, and available as an integral part of the Factlines supply chain mapping solution. Play video below for a brief demonstration:



For more information contact Siri Engesæth, CEO of Factlines