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Is it possible to request of all your suppliers, that they must be able to document traceability on all goods? That is what the Norwegian hospitality industry association (HORECA) has decided to do, to be certain that the production conditions live up to their ethical standards. And to achieve this they have chosen Factlines.

Have you ever stood in front of a hotel breakfast buffet and gazed upon the wide selection of croissants, cheese, coffee, fresh fruit and much more? The lavish buffet has been sailed, flown and driven in from all over the world – Bought in bulk, as semi-finished products and traded on the open market.

To trace back the buffets supply chains seems like a daunting task, but to Norwegian hotels and restaurants, that is no longer the case. They have chosen to demand traceability on all food products to ensure that their ethical standards are met by their suppliers.

”This agreement we have made with Factlines gives us certainty and much better insights in the demands for sustainability we ask of our suppliers”, says Morten Karlsen, director of procurement and sales, The Norwegian Hospitality association.

Raising the bar for sustainability

By choosing Factlines the bar for sustainability will be raised across the industry, says Siri Engesæth, CEO of Factlines:

”In Factlines we are very pleased that the biggest actors within the Hotel, restaurant and catering business now join forces in an initiative that will raise the bar for sustainability and ethical trade across the industry”, says Siri Engesæth, CEO of Factlines.

Among the companies who are part of the agreement are Norrek Dypfrys AS, a major producer of frozen food. They agree that the entire industry will have to sharpen their sustainability game:

”We import in the region of 8000-9000 tons of fruit and vegetables from all over the world. Naturally our focus is on quality, but just as much on the conditions on the various factories, specifically the pickers. Now this focus will be even more specific, and that means that not only us but the entire industry has to get sharper. We have to consider the end user and the pickers that do the work. Factlines helps us put this into a systematic framework.”, Says Hege Svendson Sales and marketing manager, Norrek Dypfrys As.

Factlines integrated in procurement portal Millum

Millum is a procurement portal that handles procurements for around nine billion Norwegian kroner annually. The Factlines solution has been integrated into Millums portal making it easy and accessible to choose products that meet ethical standards.

”Now we integrate Factlines into Millum making it simpler to retrieve information, and giving information on suppliers will become normalized and in the same place as we offer information on products that are purchased.”, says Susanne Hegg, business developer Millum & Matinfo.

The solution is now in place and fully implemented, and businesses buying though Millum or use the Factlines solution directly are now set for a future where it is common practice to ensure decent conditions in the supply chain.

And the guests at Norwegian hotels and restaurants can now be certain that the production conditions are in compliance with ethical standards, and can put all their focus in where to start in the buffet.

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