Enabling transparency with Factlines Sustainable Procurement

Factlines Sustainable Procurement is a digital tool helping companies map, document and improve the sustainability of their supply chains.

Compliance requirements for environmental and social responsibility are growing. In Norway the Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven) will entry into force on 1 July 2022.

We simplify this process and help you every step of the way.

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Take control of your sustainability effort in a simple way.

Conduct efficient mapping and evaluation of suppliers

We help you save time and money with an efficient and systematic process for mapping and evaluating suppliers, enabling them to prioritize and make measurable improvements.

Identify deviances and perform risk-reducing measures

We define high-risk areas in the supply chain, and provide you action plans for how to reduce them. Everything available on one dashboard.

Meet requirements and legislation

When the work is done, we provide compliance reports. These can be used as CSR documentation both for private and public stakeholders.

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The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act enters into force July 1st. 2022, affecting approximately 9000 Norwegian businesses. The law requires businesses to make information about their supply chain available, and imposes new requirements in regards of supply chain due diligence.

Factlines Sustainable Procurement simplifies supply chain due diligence, and enables compliance with the Transparency act.

Five steps. Simple.


Supplier mapping

Discover your supplier list and send out invitations to your Factlines network with one click.


Information collection

Send out self-assessment questionnaires to your suppliers, and watch your supply chain information increase.


Reports and analysis development

After the information is gathered, reports and analyses are created to highlight risks and neccessary action areas.


Follow up plan for improvement

The identified risks provide the basis for the follow-up plan, which reduces specific risk elements with suppliers.


Compliance documentation

When information is gathered, reports developed, and follow-up plans implemented, Factlines provides you with documentation.

Get started now. We help you all the way.

All Factlines Sustainable Procurement plans guarantee compliance to the Transparency Act. Additional services such as consultancy from our experts and industry adaptation can be purchased separately.


Get started with supply chain transparency and Transparency Act compliance. Our solution for small to medium sized companies.


Up to 500 suppliers


Manage several business units from one application. Our solution for medium sized companies and advanced organisational structures.


Up to 1000 suppliers


Manage several business units and subsidiaries from one application. Our solution for large companies with complex structures and supply chains.


Up to 3000 suppliers


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