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By default, only basic password protection is enabled for your account. However, by updating your profile settings you can enable more secure login procedures. Adding this simple extra step to your login procedure makes a big difference in security, as it will be practically impossible to forcefully gain access to your account without the actual authenticator.

Firstly, you can restrict access from locations other than the country (or countries) you normally access your account from: simply add locations in the Login from field. These locations will be allowed, whereas any login attempt from outside the selected countries will require an additional code sent by SMS to your mobile phone number (make sure that your phone number and country code is correctly entered in the Mobile phone field).

Additional security measures can be activated from your USER PROFILE. If you have enabled multifactor authentication (MFA), you will be prompted for a one-time code from the Google authenticator app on your mobile device. This requires a smart phone with the Google Authenticator app installed. Setting up the authenticator is as simple as clicking the VIEW CODE button and using your phone’s camera to scan the QR code from within the Google Authenticator app. If your phone lacks a camera, you can also manually type in the setup code provided below the QR code. Once you have 2-step authentication enabled, you will be prompted for a disposable code from the authenticator in addition to your normal login information whenever you sign into the system.