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Passionate about responsible supply chains

Our vision is to simplify fairness.

Our clients enjoy improved supply chain control and sustainability. Our digital solution and expertise makes supply chain mapping efficient. Better insight, stronger compliance and clear priorities drives business value. Simpler and better.

Factlines was founded in Norway in response to the Norwegian authorities’ ambition to strengthen sustainability in procurement. The spirit of innovation and of being at the forefront of sustainability in procurement has stayed with us since.

We must simplify. Supply chains and sourcing is complex. Sustainability, too. Compliance requirements are growing. We must have simple tools and solutions that make it easier to understand, analyse and move forward efficiently. Factlines supports the full process from requirements and code of conduct to risk analysis, follow-up and dialogue.

Our customers range from public procurement organizations to small, medium and major private companies. We have offices in Denmark and Norway.

Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. Our ambition is to make it possible for everyone to be a part of a sustainable future.

Let us inspire you. Feel free to contact us for a conversation about opportunities for your organization or register and start today.

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“Our team? A great mix of business, tech and sustainability competences – blended with an unswerving drive and energy. We are passionate about our work.”


Siri Engesæth


Iris Frøybu

Senior Advisor

Janne Jacobsen

Delivery manager

Rune Dybesland

Finance Manager

Ane Haave Sveen

Product manager

Malin Amankwah


Doina Bunduchi

Summer intern


Espen Zachariassen

Ingunn Ettestøl

Bjørn Anskau

Eivind Klevmoen Døvik

Hanne Nyborg Watts

Erling Theodor Jakobsen


Millum is the procurement hub for the hospitality industry. The collaboration with Factlines presents a unique opportunity for suppliers to document CSR compliance in the supply chain.

ICT Norway is the interest group for the Norwegian ICT industry. The Factlines collaboration supports members in follow-up of high risk supply chains.

Responsible Business Advisors (RBA) supports small, medium large companies and investors doing business in and supplying from conflict affected, developing frontier and emerging markets to operate in ways that are good for your own business, the supply chain stakeholders as well as local people and the environment.

ProVations offers strategic procurement and innovation advice & hands-on implementation based on global and experienced capabilities, supporting corporates improving bottom-line, growing  business and enabling sustainability.